About Clayjar

The Clayjar Review is a Christian literary journal dedicated to publishing words of Life.

We believe that written words have power, and Christian poets, writers, & scribes have the unique ability to steward words for the purpose of intimate encounter with Jesus.

We are looking for words that are crafted into bridges to His heart, communion feasts, and swords that cut cords of bondage. We want the poems that take weeks to digest, the soulful stories full of lament & hope, the well-formed thoughts of the theologian, and the intimate invitation of One who says “Come, all who are weary”.

We here at The Clayjar offer up our blank pages to be filled with Life-giving words that impact hearts with the Gospel.


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    Alexandra // Founder

    Alexandra O'Sullivan is an amateur poet, wife, and mom of two. She is the Founder of The Clayjar Review and considers the journal a great gift to steward for the sake of others. When she isn’t dancing in the kitchen with her children or holding hands with her husband, she is probably drinking copious amounts of sparkling water, hiking, backyard bird-watching, reading classic literature & poetry, or simply enjoying her family & the beauty of the commonplace things of life.

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    Shayne // Tech

    Shayne O'Sullivan is a technologist, husband, dad, and enthusiast for clarity. He met Alexandra in a poetry class in London, and the rest is history! In addition to writing the code that powers Clayjar, Shayne enjoys nature from atop his mountain bike, or tossing his children higher than Alexandra is generally comfortable with.

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    Danielle // Editor

    Danielle Page is a truth-teller, educator, and writer currently hailing from rural North Carolina. She strives to live wholeheartedly in her endeavors alongside her husband and daughter. When she’s not scribbling in her Moleskine journal, she’s reading up on composition theory, tackling her To Be Read list, baking banana bread, or hiking a mountainous trail. She also enjoys working in camp ministry and strives to build a sense of community there.

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    Caroline // Editor

    Caroline Liberatore-Logan is a poet, writer, and librarian based in the homey northeast corner of Ohio. Her vocational pursuits are indicative of what she cares most deeply for: the written word, artistic and intellectual excellence, embodied presence in local communities, commonplace beauty, and redemption as articulated in the tangible, reconciling work of Christ. When she is not wrangling words or in the stacks, she enjoys romping around in the Cuyahoga River, spinning an album, spotting birds and woodland animals, savoring solitude and silence at home, enjoying fermented foods with her husband, and paying attention to the earth and people.