All This Gorgeous World

My five-year-old son asks what it’s all for,

all this eating and sleeping and brushing teeth, a

repeat of endless days stretching forward into time.

He seems too young to be so philosophical and I

wonder if I read too much Dostoyevsky, or didn’t rest

my mind enough while his limbs grew in

that secret place, the dark wombing that formed the

green-brown rings of his hazel eyes. Or is it a grace

that questions of meaning already capture the mind of

this curious boy of mine, his heart responding to the

deeper knowledge of a beautifully crafted world,

where he is more than a collection of atoms and

where his story connects to a bigger, grander story, that I am

a part of too, where all this gorgeous world is finally set free?

author: Dana Ryan
issue: Quiescence
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